(1)Critical Mass Studio is a design collec­tive employing science, engi­neering, archi­tecture and design to push the envelope of our language of design. The expertise across various fields is the key to initiating new conversations and opening up a new way of seeing and thinking about our visual culture.

      Specializing in audio/visual in­stallation and experience design for live events, brands and creative visualization for products & services, our solutions are both innovative and inspired.

(2)In physics, Critical Mass is re­ferred to as the minimum amount of elements of a substance needed to form a chain reaction.
Critical Mass thereby refers to a continuous life giving flow sparked by a catalyst. Critical Mass Studio is that catalyst.

      At Critical Mass Studio, we col­laborate widely through a multi­disciplinary approach. Led by curiosity, we explore each projects possibilities, using custom made tools to create harmonious solutions bridging the nature and technology.